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"A year of yES!" 5-HOUR workshop

It's your time!

To learn the secrets of powerful manifesting

Ready to get what you want in 2024 in life, love and business?

YOU MIGHT know me for my results

the 1st month of january is already over and...

You may be already bleeding energy


Mistake #1

You spent a lot of time crafting your ideal vision for the future, put the pretty pictures up and even added inspirational messages to keep your focused on your end goals. But you have a sneaky feeling you're getting the exact opposite!


Mistake #2

You say your daily affirmations, try to meditate as often as possible and spending almost an hour (or more!) on a daily routine that supposed to simplify your life. But you feel more overwhelmed than ever!


Mistake #3

You are focusing on all the 'right' things, following a 'good vibes only' type of life. If it's not love and don't want it. But for some reason you're attracting some bad mojo and you don't know how to get away from it.


Mistake #4

You are living and working 'in service' and thought you had been doing enough self-care. But you aren't feeling inspired, in're feeling downright drained. (and your bank account is showing it!)


Mistake #5

You are living and working doing pretty darn well. But, you sometimes feel like you don't deserve it. You may even suffer from imposter syndrome. Something is blocking you from making REAL change in your life, love or business.


Before vs After

  • Feeling stuck in life, love or business

  • Ineffective affirmations & vision boards

  • Lost when you hit a roadblock

  • Feeling drained and burnt out

  • Trusting someone else with your life, your dreams...your future

  • Getting sucked into other's dramas and getting into codependent relationships

  • Seeing clearly what your next step is

  • Manifesting methods that are 'on point'!

  • Follow a 4 step protocol to get unstuck

  • Feeling inspired and powered UP

  • A fool proof way to activate your inner guru so you can always stay aligned

  • Protect and keep your boundaries while still being compassionate and caring for those around you

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Client Results

"Something unseen was holding me back"

I have tried multiple treatment modalities on a long healing journey from complex ptsd and a long term abusive marriage. But something unseen was holding me back from fully beginning a new life. Shandra facilitated the breaking of that final chain. I am forever grateful.

- Anonymous Nurse Practitioner

"Embodied Energy Healing"

I am so grateful for how you taught me how to be in touch with my body and it's messages, as well as freeing myself from my abusive past. I feel like I am powerful and that nothing can stop me anymore.

- Medical Professional & Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse

"Trauma Relief"

"Shandra is an amazing coach overall. She has the background, research and and toolkit (actual and intellectual) that only years of a life dedicated to healing can bring. Shandra has a safe energy that can calm and help guide towards a path of authentic healing."

- Tara H.

Images are placeholders to respect client privacy ;)


To be able to consistently and predictably create the money, call in the love, attract the right fit clients and manage your own energy flawlessly?

Goal #1

If you could lose your old money stories, you could change every aspect of your life. Because the fact is.. how you do money, is how you do everything!

Goal #2

If you could use a single method to trust that the steps you're taking are the right ones at the right time...think about how much time and effort you'll save. More time for 'me' time!

Goal #3

If you could follow a proven and step-by-step process when you get'll never be locked in fear or be frozen with inaction. It's as simple and if this, then this.


A Year of YES!

An experiential and embodied manifestation workshop to get what you want in 2024

This workshop is one-of-a-kind. You will learn never-seen-before tools and tricks that I've personally used with clients (and myself!) to break through your potential ceilings so you can finally earn, get and keep what you want and dream of for 2024!


What's Inside A Year of YES!


You’ll do all the prep work needed to bust through your roadblocks. Things like:

  • What secret ingredient is missing in your affirmations. Once you learn this, your results will skyrocket!

  • Why most manifestation methods are just stirring up old 'dusty' habits that attract the opposite of what you want

  • How to make the process of reaching your goals and dreams EASY by tweaking just this one aspect

  • How to use the Prosperity Vacuum principle.

  • How to put up energetic boundaries that keep people out

  • Your money story that underlies your actions that keep you broke

How to Be a Goal Digger

This lesson is all about powerful methods to supercharge your goals and actually reach them!

  • Embodied breathwork for changework

  • The 5 Goldbars for successful goal setting

  • Sticky Finger process

  • Golden nuggets to help you with your goal planning

Sharks vs Islands

This lesson teaches you how to be a 'shark' hunter and finding your Island Flow amidst the chaos of leading a family, managing a project or running a business.

  • How to spot the sharks

  • How to identify your Islands

  • What to do when someone's rocking the boat

Order UP!

This lesson brings it all together while learning one of the most powerful methods, yet. My Order UP process!

  • Demo of my proven and step by step protocol to dissolve the blocks that you aren’t even aware are there!

  • How to get Source on speed dial

  • Putting it all together


Bonuses Included

Bonus # 1

Workshop Companion Guide that has it all written down for you, so you don't have to try and remember what we covered!

Bonus #2

You'll get my Mood Shift Workbook just in case you're getting stuck in the feels. It's a simple step-by-step process.

Secret Bonus #3

You'll learn about this once you're inside!

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Client Results

Relationship Rescue

Shandra Artura's coaching delivered amazing results for me. I'm not the same person. Everyone can see it. I love that I'm in control of my life. The transformation in my life has been amazing. It has helped me in my relationships so much. I highly recommend her."

- Maryann D.

Complex Trauma Relief

"Within that week my flashbacks started to fade. I waited 4 months to post this review because I wanted to make sure it "worked" before recommending it, but I'm so grateful to say that it did! Thank you Shandra!"

- Ruth Bleakley (Graphic artist & mother)

Mind, Body, Biz Makeover

"Shandra is my life coach for life. She has helped me in many areas; starting my own business, managing some health conditions and working through some past blocks that were getting in the way of my happiness. I'm so thankful to have her."

- Sara Raj (Owner Studio 520)


Meet Shandra

I'm a hope dealing, embodied teacher, coach and healer specializing in getting people out of mental, physical and emotional pain. You will often hear me say, you are enough and it's never too late to get the life, love and business you desire and deserve!

For over 3 decades I've been a champion of behavior change, personal growth, empowerment and transformation.

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satisfaction guaranted

100% Guaranteed

My guarantee is that you will learn something new and WILL get results if you put in the time and actually do the work!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the live calls or live workshop?

I will totally miss you! The replays will be available up to 48 hours after the last class airs. Showing up live is how you get to explore the potentiality of others success and positive energy! If you are joining the virtual workshop, enjoy at your own pace!

Do I have to have my video on?

I prefer to have everyone's faces showing to collectively be the most authentic self you can. I know it's tempting to hide behind the camera (believe me, I'm an extreme introvert, here!) but the results will be so much better and you will feel so much love and support from everyone else.

Will you have this again?

I'll be honest. I'm not sure if I'll do a live event like this or not. It all depends on my coaching and service load. If I get enough requests, absolutely. Otherwise, it might be relegated to view on your own as a pre-recorded course.

Yep, it's your time to say YES!

Join us for this one-of-a-kind workshop and experience the power of WOW!

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